To The Trade work room for Interior Designers

Creative Collaboration 

As your window treatment resource, we make ourselves available for consultations when a project needs just that special touch. We are happy to meet with you to go over your design plan, and make sure we understand your vision. We keep our lines of communication open, and are responsive to phone and email messages. We also attend workroom conferences to educate ourselves on the latest trends and resources, to keep current with new fabrication considerations, and just to keep connected with others in the professional workroom industry.

Thoughtful Service

As a full service designer, you have many hats to wear. We understand that you need many different vendors to accomplish your business objectives. As your window treatment resource, we consider ourselves part of your team, willing to collaborate and refine details to accomplish your, and your client’s, goals. We will consult with your installer if needed, to ensure that the final product is installed with no issues. When we do encounter an issue, we are there to quickly resolve it and allow the project to move along successfully. Our goal is to aid the designer in whatever way we can so the homeowner’s needs are met.

Estimates and Fabric Requirements

When you send us a request for an estimate, we realize that you are “in the weeds” and need answers quickly. With a simple sketch or photo of the desired treatment, the chosen fabric specs and rough measurements, we will respond quickly with the cost estimate as well as the fabric requirements, a complimentary service. We generally turn around these requests within 24 hours, often sooner.

Communication is Everything!

When working with a project, communication is critically important. No one wants to wait for the answer to an important question. We have set alerts so we know when you send us an email, and the phone is always here in the workroom. When you need something, we’ll be here to answer. And as a small workroom, you know when you speak to us here, you are talking to the person who will be doing the work. No need to worry about a message being “lost in translation”.

Specialized Fabrication

Details Do Make the Difference

As a small workroom, we are able to focus on the details. Pleating to pattern is the mark of an attentive workroom, taking the time to evaluate the fabric design. We study the fabric to determine the most impactful placement of the pleats and spaces on a drapery panel, or the ring placement on a roman shade so when it’s raised the pattern is consistent on each fold. Paying this special attention to honor the pattern can turn a “just fine” product into “WOW!”.

Another area where we make the extra effort is in stocking a wide assortment of zipper colors. We feel that making the effort to match a zipper to the fabric is just a nice, small detail. All of our pillows are offered with color matched zippers as a standard, but we will hand close that pillow if would like us to, as well.

Taming Blackout

Room darkening window treatments, such as roman shades and drapery panels, have historically presented a challenge. When you poke a hole in blackout fabric, you get what we call “pinholes of light”. This can be very distracting, especially in a bright window. We have taken extra care through experimentation and proto-typing, to come up with the best methods to minimize these risks in a roman shade or a drapery panel that has been lined with room darkening materials. These efforts understandably take more time, but as a small workroom, we are able to take those additional steps to ensure the final outcome is pleasing.