The Slipcover Process

We regret to say that we have had to suspend our offerings of slipcovers for the time being.

​Evaluating the Furniture

Slipcovers may transform your tired or outdated furniture into fresh fashion. However, you must first determine if your furniture is a candidate or not. Remember, slipcovers will not fix broken legs or springs, or remove odors. But if you have a beloved piece that is in good condition, then a slipcover might be the right solution for you.

Choosing the Right Fabric – Party Clothes or Critter Covers?

Your cleaning style should influence your fabric selection. While there are a variety of fabrics that may be used for making slipcovers, there are certain elements that should be considered. Do you have a busy household with pets and small children, which may require the cover to be laundered occasionally? Or is this a piece for a formal area that will not receive much use? These things should be considered in the fabric selection. If a piece is to be laundered, it should be made from a prewashed cotton or linen fabric. Please inquire about prewashing and ironing services. Avoid fabrics that are stiff on the back (such as many upholstery fabrics), or too thin. Be sure that your fabric is dark enough or thick enough so that the existing fabric does not “bleed through”. If this is the case, a separate undergarment may be made out of interlining, and this adds additional labor and material cost to your project.

I have a selection of quality cotton fabrics available for purchase through me, in a variety of solid colors. I can also source washable linen in natural and white, as well as a wider range of dry-cleanable home décor fabrics. If you would like to source your own fabric, I will provide you with the yardage requirements (I would need to know if your selection has a large pattern for yardage allowances).

Agreeing on the Price

A firm proposal will be emailed to aid in your buying decision. I will need a description or digital picture of your furniture, and information about the cover style. While dimensions and repeat of the fabric are helpful, the three main things I need to know are:

  1. A brief description of the type of furniture (sofa, chair style, attached back, etc).
  2. The number of removable cushions
  3. The style of slipcover skirt – no skirt if you want the legs to show, tailored skirt, gathered skirt, box pleated skirt, etc.

Additionally, you can further customize your cover with unique embellishments such as pleats, buttons, ties, decorative trimmings, etc.
It is my policy to charge North Carolina sales tax on all tangible product created (even if the fabric is provided by the client) unless I have a copy of the client’s certificate of resale for exemption.

Moving the Furniture (or not)

Decide which option is best for you.

For large scale pieces (such as sofas), I will need to come to you. I will pin fit a pattern to your furniture and then come back to my shop to fabricate the cover. I will then make a second trip to fit the cover to the frame. There is a charge for this service, which covers both trips, time and materials.
I can accommodate a limited range of smaller scale pieces in my shop in southern Wake County. Small scale furniture is, at this time, the only size that I can accommodate in my shop. I charge a nominal fee for pickup and delivery.

Creating the Cover

This is where the fun of dressing your furniture begins. All design and construction of the cover happens in the workshop. Generally, the basic cover has fabric welting in the seams, hemmed skirts, and all seams are edge finished to prevent raveling. Designer details such as banding, decorative trims, button closures, ties, zipper, etc may be added for additional charges. These elements may be required if the anatomy of the furniture requires an opening in order to remove (or install) the cover.

Projects are placed on the production schedule when a down payment is received and when all elements (fabrics, trims, etc) are available. Turnaround time fluctuates depending on the season and the amount of work in house. If timing is critical, please inquire about lead times when requesting a quote. Rush jobs are not accepted.